"Sometimes it's similar to having a young puppy"
"care must be taken on how we establish rules"

Image of an older dog

Getting an older dog

If you are thinking of getting an older dog, perhaps from a rescue centre, or just need a little help with training an older dog, then read on:

Sometimes it's similar to having a young puppy. When giving an old dog a new home, everything is going to be very different for him, perhaps even somewhat daunting. So, care must be taken on how we establish rules. We need to gain their respect and trust before demanding too much, so a gentle and understanding approach will be needed. You can begin gently but firmly to establish the rules without getting into a fight, even with the dominant type dog. He will need time to get used to his new home and the people around him. Hopefully you will know his original name which will be a great help, if not, perhaps the rescue centre has given him another. Please continue to use this name, as the dog is going to be confused enough.

Always remember to ask if the dog is on any medication. If so, can you afford to keep this up or will they help you with the cost of treatment?

Please don't be put off by thinking having an older dog may be expensive or hard work. By following a few simple rules you should be greatly rewarded with love and affection, and also you will be giving a loving and secure home to a well deserving dog, who didn't ask to be re-homed.