"Chocolate, raisins and grapes are very toxic and should be avoided"
"Never keep a dog in a car in hot weather, NOT even with windows open"

Image of a dog with a child

Health and safety for your dog

Looking after your dog what ever age, should be quite easy and fun at the same time.

Several things that you should do:

Grooming: Usually short haired dogs need to be groomed once a week with a soft brush or comb (there are several varieties on the market, they should state for long or short hair). If a dog dislikes the use of a brush, then rubbing him down with a towel mitt is another good way to remove unwanted hair. A long haired dog needs grooming at least twice a week. When you are grooming, then is the time to run your hands all over the dog's body, feeling for any lumps and bumps and looking for any matting of the coat. There are no hard rules on how often a dog needs a bath. If your dog has a smelly coat, and there are no medical reasons for this, (check with your vet) then a good shampoo can be used frequently.

It is important to check your dog's ears, eyes and paws, especially in summer when the grass is long and there are many plant seeds around.

A dog that is walked frequently on hard ground, should automatically have short nails, as the ground will act like a nail file. If you notice your dog's nails are long, or if you are concerned, then get a vet to cut them professionally.

There are lots of berries and fruit in our gardens and homes that are poisonous and often fatal for dogs. Did you know that raisins and grapes are very toxic and should be avoided. Chocolate is also bad, as a dog's body cannot digest cocoa. Be careful when using bark on your garden, make sure it does not contain cocoa.

Heat stroke can be a killer. If you see a dog panting more than normal, tongue hanging, lethargic and near collapse, then 'cool down immediately' is the answer. Get the dog to shade ASAP and spread towels soaked in cold water over the dog. Don't plunge the dog into cold water, but do this gradually. A dog's system is designed to keep cool, but in very hot weather a little help maybe needed. NEVER, NEVER keep a dog in a car in hot weather, NOT even with windows open. It doesn't work. Put on a thick coat and sit in a car in the sun yourself, you will soon find out how much like an oven it soon becomes.